The results released so far in the Senate race suggest that it will be challenging for Cunningham to make up his deficit. He thanked supporters in an Election Night speech for a "stunning victory." Kevin E. Hayes(Constitution Party) 4. 2022 elections. His Democratic opponent, former state Sen. Cal Cunningham, declined to concede the race, waiting for more ballots to be counted. Brad Miller (D) seeking re-election after holding the seat for years. Republican Sen. David Perdue dipped slightly below 50% of the vote Thursday evening. Other Senate race calls pending. Georgia’s Senate Race Will Have A Runoff Election — Here’s What That Means. There already is a Jan. 5 runoff in the state’s other Senate race. Going into Election Day, Democrats had to win four seats to gain a majority or three if they won the White House. The GOP was victorious in Senate races in Iowa, Maine, Montana, South Carolina and a long-shot race in Kentucky against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Erica Smith 5. Other Senate race calls pending. Click the link at the top of this page that says “subscribe.”. USA TODAY. After about half of the vote was counted, Sullivan led Gross by almost 58,000 votes, or about 30 percentage points. RALEIGH, N.C. -- President Donald Trump is the apparent winner of the tightly contested race in North Carolina. Larry Holmquist 3. As of late Tuesday, the North Carolina State Board of Elections said there were around 117,000 absentee ballots remaining that had been sent to voters but not returned. Runoffs can only take place in primary races in the Tar Heel state if no candidate receives at least 30% of … Democrats flipped two seats this election – in Arizona and Colorado – and lost one seat in Alabama, resulting in a net gain of one seat. Local election officials will review each voter’s situation to decide whether his or her provisional ballot will be counted. Currently, North Carolina sits at 98 percent of the votes having been counted. 24-year-old Madison Cawthorn won the GOP runoff in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District, making him the favorite to replace former Rep. Mark Meadows (R). If that tally stays below the 50% mark, he'll face Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff on Jan. 5 in a runoff. In North Carolina, the AP shows Tillis is ahead by nearly 100,000 votes out of 5 million, with 93% of the results in. The filing deadline for the primaries was February 26; the primaries were held on May 4, with a Democratic primary runoff held on June 22. One Senate contest in Alaska has yet to be called, and the final composition of the Senate will be determined by a pair of runoff elections in Georgia Jan. 5. … Both races are headed to runoff elections in January after none of the candidates in the general election received over 50% of the vote as required by the state’s law. Perdue's campaign manager, Ben Fry, countered, "If overtime is required when all of the votes have been counted, we're ready, and we will win. Latinos for Trump, Arizona vote for Biden shows diversity of Hispanics in US, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. There were also two minor party candidates in the Senate race. Trevor Fuller 3. Republicans mostly beat challengers in seats Democrats hoped to win this week. Cunningham conceded to incumbent Republican Tillis … Georgia has found itself in the national spotlight over its U.S. Senate races. For the most part, the the 2020 election’s provisional ballots and remaining absentee ballots will not be counted until Nov 12 and 13, when county election boards have scheduled meetings for the counts, Brinson Bell said. Sharo… Both Senate seats representing Georgia are heading to runoff elections, reviving Democrat hopes they can flip control of the upper congressional chamber. Other Senate race calls pending. Learn more: Tillis declares victory in Senate race, but margin is close. The 2010 United States Senate election in North Carolina was held on November 2, 2010. Senior North Carolina reporter Paul Woolverton can be reached at and 910-261-4710. “What we accomplished tonight was a stunning victory,” Tillis said. As of late Tuesday, the North Carolina State Board of Elections said there … Eric Mansfield 2. Perdue led Ossoff 49.9% to 47.7% as of Thursday evening.Perdue needs to secure at least 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff, and Ossoff and Libertarian candidate Shane Hazel have chipped away at Perdue's vote share over the past several days. North Carolina holds runoffs only in primary elections. In North Carolina, the AP shows Tillis is ahead by nearly 100,000 votes out of 5 million, with 93% of the results in. This is one of the Senate races Democrats were counting on to retake the Senate, but those hopes pretty much went up in smoke with this concession. If … The 117,000 figure may decline if some of the voters who requested those ballot chose to vote in person on Tuesday instead of by mail. Jeremy Thomas(Independence Party) 5. Senator Richard Burr won re-election to … These precincts had been temporarily shut down earlier in the day due to operational problems. It was upended in its final weeks by  disclosures that Cunningham had an affair and Tillis tested positive for COVID-19. Here are the remaining races to be decided: Election results updates: Biden is poised to win but it isn't over. State workers would probably finish counting the remaining ballots by the end of the day, he said. Democrat Cal Cunningham concedes in North Carolina Senate race creating 49-48 split and control down to Georgia run-offs. North Carolina is one of the battleground states that could flip control of the Senate, and this race is now officially the most expensive Congressional race in U.S. history.