(. Make sure you know some basic information about both the company and the job. 5. We should talk more often. This helps an employee understand exactly what the problem is, what must change and how the employer will proceed if the problem is not fixed. I hope you haven’t forgotten that I exist, because I definitely haven’t forgotten about you. They’re all flirty and funny—perfect to spice up any mundane conversation! What do I respond with? Answer Save. A written reprimand documents an employee's misconduct or unacceptable performance, creating a written account of the incident and action the employer will take to try to remedy the situation. I got turn down .. what a loser i am lol you..whoever is reading this. That’s for me to know and for you to find out. 4 0. stavts76. Are you ready to get to know me? * Doin' fine, Clementine! Let’s talk about how attractive you are. Do you want to try cuddling me? Think anyone could help? If I said I was head over heels for you, what you say? To increase your odds of getting a response to your message, send them at a time it’s likely to be convenient for her to answer. I’m on this mission to stop thinking about you. If someone ask me whats up, what am I gonna respond or answer?? * Feelin' relaxed as beeswax! Research the company ahead of time. Do you want to go out with me tonight? I mean, you just look so attractive it’s distracting! BuzzFeed As Is Something for … I have a good respounds just say whats up too,it is not that hrad,my friend. Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images. You've certainly heard these questions, but you might be confused about how to answer. Of course, compared to what’s next, getting that first response is the easy part. Written reprimands formally document an employee's failure to meet standards or perform. Employers generally use a progressive discipline policy to ensure that all employees are performing and behaving according to company standards and procedures. Here I am! Can I practice on you? Now a note from a native , if you wanna be funny and you have confidence with the one you are talking to, you can reply "el tiempo" (Qué pasa? Did you know that kissing burns 1.5 calories per minute? I’ve been a bad boy/girl today. (. Here are some quirky, humorous replies to the ‘how are you’ question. (. Answer #8. damologist your disgusting !!! Irresistible as ever! Here's a list that’s full of juiciness and heat. I feel so cold. 1 decade ago. And if you are feeling threatened, report it immediately. twinkie =) 1 decade ago. Would you like to turn me on? Answer … If you disagree with the write-up, write an objective premise for why you disagree, support your argument with evidence and specify what you think should happen. We’re hanging out tonight, just so you know. Thank you. Interviewers will be listening for a response that shows you've done research on the company. “Hi Lindsay and Michelle. Or are you the one who is in search of some cool and humorous responses when someone compliments you or trying to flirt using pick up lines? Many employers operate under guidelines and procedures specified by the company's Human Resource department or organizational policies. Keep in mind that ¿Qué pasa? Are you a flirt? I’ve been craving sweets, could I taste your lips? What's happening? I just tripped over…and fell in love with you. Here's a list of common answers to them: How are you? Focus on Accomplishments: Try to shift the focus from what … This list was made in the spirit of fun and playfulness. Fine. I’m still single, in case you were wondering. Since you made the first move by asking me how I am, I’ll make the first move in embracing you. Preferably naked. People will expect you to say “good” or “fine,” so surprise them by coming up with an unexpected answer. Can you show me the way? At minding my own business? Cheeky Kid is a cybernaut who spends a lot of time browsing the web, grasping infinite information, and reveling in entertainment and fun. Relocation — Sometimes a good answer to why you’re leaving your current job is as simple as the desire or need to relocate. Standard Responses. * Takin' a trip through the Tulips * Hey there, Lavender! Or "What's Up?". Use this time to clarify anything written in the reprimand. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling good. My flirting has become rusty. While you may feel the written reprimand is unfair or even a personal attack, do not handle this issue with emotions or at a personal level. (. To know me is to love me. Favorite Answer. You know what would be better than you asking me that? Don’t ever cross the line! Right now, I’m on my way to paving a path to your heart. Answers. “Is it raining outside?” – “More or less.” If this is the case, explain why you’re making the move, what skills you can offer the company and what you feel are the benefits of a new job and location. Tips for Giving the Best Answer . Remain professional and look for factual errors or incorrect information on the reprimand. (. My friends say this all the time and usually our response is simple "Nothing much, honey bunch" but I want to catch them off guard with a new response but I don't know any! What are your other 2 wishes? Oooooh, I like the sound of that. (. It’s called: Mission impossible! Lately, I couldn’t sleep so well...thinking of you. Thank you for asking. Written reprimands are generally delivered directly to the employee by an employee's supervisor or the manager documenting an incident. Sara Mahuron specializes in adult/higher education, parenting, budget travel and personal finance. I am currently looking for the love of my life. (, Let’s cut to the chase and go out already! I have never been so strong. Busy checking tags. (, Pretty busy. So what are you going to do about it? I’d say ‘God Bless you!’, but it looks like he already did. (Say it like you’re receiving a compliment even though you are not. Here's a list of fairly standard responses that would be acceptable in just about any situation. I can’t stop thinking about you! Don't compliment him back, not with your mouth at least. Do you know how to answer "What's up?" I'm feeling a little off today. Address the reprimand in a positive and proactive tone. You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. It looks like heaven has finally answered my prayers! forget what he wants to hear, answer with whatever you want! * Feelin' chill, Daffodil. -literally means, what is passing-, you say el tiempo -the time-) you can get back a slap or a laugh . Format your response.For your response to be clear and concise, you’ll want to make sure you organize your answer following a format or formula. Can you give me the directions to your heart? If you know the reprimand is accurate and you cannot explain the situation, apologize and respond with how you plan to … I’d tell you, but then you would want to spank me. You want to know how my day was? in international studies-business and economics. ‘What’s up’ is not the same as ‘how are you’ Although ‘what’s up’ is used interchangeably with ‘how are you’, it’s not the same. “A catcall from a stranger is not a serious request for a date. (. My go-to response is "Smokin' crack and watchin' p*rn." Just … leave them alone. No, how are you? Best "How Are You?" Does this mean you...like me? I’d say I’ll be fine, as long as you don’t leave soon enough. (. For example, the response often has to be written to be officially considered. “Hello” This is a bit more formal and is better for when you are texting someone you don’t know that … There are two common formulas you may consider: Present, Past, Future Past, Present, Future What? This is a simple, straight answer. The question might be an invitation to have a conversation, and that’s what it’s all about! For example, identify any discrepancies or deviations from fact and discuss the problem and solution with your supervisor. I’m lost for words. A feeling of helplessness and frustration is … Enough about me. By providing employees with a written reprimand, the employee is able to see the accusations or specific situation in question, in detail. I've been watching Netflix but no one to chill with. On my way to get food. I’ve been searching for love, and now, I think I finally found it. Do you know what to say when someone asks you, “What are you up to?” Today find out the best ways to respond to small talk questions like “how have you been?” and “what are you up to?” for better conversations and better connections in English. Care to keep me company for a while? Hint: You and I are in it. Oh stop it, you.